Nomad Esteli Lot 8613 Review

Esteli Lot 8613 is the 5th regular production cigar line from Nomad.  The name '8613' is a play on the name of Nomad's Esteli LE lot 1386, as Fred Rewey says that his newest cigar offers a similar experience to his former Limited Edition.  All of us at Stack Cigar were very excited for this blend, so myself, Josh E, and Ed all sat down to smoke and review it as a group.  We all picked up the Coronita size (5 1/2 x 46) for this review


The Blend:

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan


Appearance and Construction (15 POINTS)

The outer appearance of this cigar is attractive.  Myself and Josh E. both noticed some fairly pronounced veins below the band, but otherwise the cigar looks great.  There were no detectable soft or hard spots along the length of the cigar.  Both Josh's gave a 13 in this category, while Ed gave a perfect 15.

Flavor (25 POINTS)

The pre-light experience on the 8613 is divine.  The foot puts off a strong aromatic scent, while the cold draw gives a lot of sweetness, walnut and grassy notes.   Upon lighting, there is a fair amount of spice up front, with a lot more on the retrohale.  The walnut flavor that I tasted on the cold draw persists through the first third of the cigar, accompanied by notes of leather, and mild woodiness. Josh and Josh both experienced a fair amount of bitterness in the second third, but Ed did not pick up any.  Into the final third, the cayenne and white pepper picks up, but the overall profile remains sweet and pleasant. Josh and Josh gave 22 out of 25 while Ed gave a perfect 25.

Smoking Characteristics (25 POINTS)

The draw on this stick was what I would call my perfect draw. Just enough resistance to not be completely open, but no need to work to take a draw.  The burn was impressively sharp for all 3 cigars, but Ed experienced some unevenness in the final third.  All three had ashes that extended well into the second 3rd.  Ed's cigar did even out before the end, and we gave 23 out of 25, while both Josh's gave perfect 25's for smoking characteristics. 

Overall Impression (35 POINTS)

All three of us were excited for this Nomad release, and all three of us felt our expectations were met.  This cigar, while not a powerhouse, certainly packs a punch and I would call it a full bodied cigar.  The flavors throughout were very enjoyable, and the term "aromatic" kept coming to mind. The smell of this cigar is just incredible and really added to the overall experience.  Because of the slight bitterness, both Josh's gave 33 in this category, while Ed gave a perfect 35.

Total Score: Josh M - 92, Josh E - 92, Ed - 98

Average Score:  94 (Excellent cigar)


Final Thoughts:

Myself and Josh E communicated very little about our scores while we were smoking, and still ended up with very similar scores.  We all were very impressed and welcome this addition to the Nomad cigar line into our shop with open arms.  Ed obviously thought very highly of this cigar with his rating of a 98, which on our scale puts it in the 'Perfect Cigar' category.  With affordable price points in the $8-9 range, we'd happily declare this a 'Box-Worthy' cigar.