E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2015 Review

For the last 6 years, the folks at E.P. Carrillo have a limited production cigar dubbed the Short Run.  This year’s blend had only 1,500 boxes of each size made.  The 2015 Short Run is being offered in 3 vitolas; a 5x50 robusto called the Napoleon, a 6x52 toro called Vencedores, and a 6x60 called Imperlos.  Three of us will be chipping in for this review, myself, Matt and Ed. We decided to smoke the 6x52 Vencedores.


The Blend:

Wrapper: Criollo Jalapa 98

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic


Appearance and Construction (15 POINTS)

 Of the 3 cigars being smoked for this review, 2 of them are nearly flawless looking. Matt and Ed both had smooth cigars with beautiful wrappers.  Mine was somewhat rough looking, with some fairly pronounced veins but nothing that ended up affecting the overall smoking experience.  The color was consistent across all three cigars, and construction felt solid and consistent. Josh and Matt each took off a few points for Appearance and Construction, while Ed gave it 15 out of 15.

Flavor (25 POINTS)

Pre-light aroma had a pleasantly sweet tobacco and cocoa scent.  The cold draw gave some slightly deeper earthy tones that balanced nicely with the still present sweetness.  First light offered some tones of baking spice with earthiness and hints of leather.  Continuing through the first third, the cigar picks up the lightest touch of peppery spice.  Flavor through the first half of the cigar was mild to medium, and picks up a bit of steam into the second half giving off medium body and flavor. Ed: 25/25, Matt: 23/25, Josh: 23/25


Smoking Characteristics (25 POINTS)

All three of us had perfect draws on this cigar, but 2 required some maintenance to maintain a perfect burn. Ash held well into the second third. We all experienced a slight amount of hot smoke and unpleasantness in the final third of the cigar, but only just slightly. Most of the critique in this category was fairly nit-picky, and overall this cigar offered a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Ed: 20/25, Matt: 22/25, Josh: 22/25


Overall Impression (35 POINTS)

Our biggest critique of this cigar is that the flavors offered were tasty, but left us a little wanting.  We all like a fuller body and fuller flavor cigar, and this cigar got there in its final moments, but left us a little bored through the first half. A very good cigar, just not the cigar for me. Ed: 30/35, Matt: 26/35, Josh: 29/35.


Individual Scores: Ed: 90, Matt: 90, Josh: 87

Final Panel Score:  89 (Great Cigar)


Final Thoughts:

At a price point under $10.00, this cigar is a pretty good value for what you get. Ed would say it’s worth trying and I would rate it for at least a 5-pack.  I’d recommend this cigar to smokers of La Gloria Cubana, Inch, and even fans of Fuente cigars.  Overall, this was another great limited release from E.P. Carrillo, and definitely worthy a spot in your humidor.