1502 Ruby Review

The 1502 line is blended by Enrique Sanchez and produced Placentia's.  Enrique describes his core original three blends, the Emerald, Ruby, and Black Gold, as breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively.  The Ruby is supposed to be a flavorful yet medium bodied cigar earning it it's 'lunch' designation.  They produce 7 vitolas of this cigar, but for this review Matt and I decided to smoke the newest addition to our shop, the Corona (5 1/2 x 42). 

The Blend: 

Wrapper: Ecuador 

Binder: Nicaragua 

Filler: Nicaragua 


Appearance and Construction (15 POINTS) 

The Ecuadorian wrapper on this cigar is a fairly dark shade of brown, so much so that if I held this cigar next to the Emeralds habano wrapper I would have thought it to be a maduro.  It is a fairly oily and smooth wrapper to the touch.  Matt found his cigar to be a little to firm for his liking, but also had some soft spots.  Both mine and Matts cigars had some fairly pronounced veins, but nothing that ultimately affected the smoking experience.  I have it a 12/15, Matt gave 10/15 


Flavor (25 POINTS) 

Aroma off the foot of the cigar is pretty robust.  The cold draw gives a sweet molasses flavor, wood, and hay.  Upon lighting the cigar, I find the flavors of the cigar are rich and complex, but still so smooth and so balanced that I have a hard time identifying specific flavor notes.  As the cigar progresses, the molasses from the cold draw persists, along with notes of rich wood, dark chocolate, and a light black pepper spice that dances on the back of the pallet.  Neither Matt or myself could detect any bitter or otherwise undesirable flavors. Both of us gave 24/25 for flavor. 


Smoking Characteristics (25 POINTS) 

The draw for this cigar is exactly what I look for in a cigar, while Matt found it a little tight for his liking.   As the cigar progressed Matt found the draw more enjoyable. Matt's cigar maintained a perfect burn, requiring no touch-ups, while mine did need some maintenance, specifically in the final half.  The smoke was cool and smooth for the duration of the cigar. Matt:24/25, Josh 21/25 

Overall Impression (35 POINTS) 

The Ruby is an enjoyable cigar and one that both Matt and I could see ourselves smoking again and again.  It offers just enough flavor and complexity to keep things interesting, but maintains a nice medium body that could easily make this an any time of day kind of smoke. There just wasn't much negative to say about the Ruby.  Matt: 28/35, Josh 33/35. 


Individual Scores: Matt: 86, Josh: 90 

Final Panel Score:  88 (Great Cigar) 


Final Thoughts: 

At a price point under $6 for the corona size, this is a cigar both of us can easily recommend for a box purchase.  The beauty of this cigar from a tobacconist's standpoint is that it can be recommended to almost any smoker as it is mild enough for newbies, but flavorful and interesting enough for long-time smokers.  If you haven't tried anything from Enrique's 1502 line, this is an excellent introdution to the line, and certainly a cigar that’s worth a try. 


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