2017 Camacho Liberty Review

June 27, 2017

This is the 15th anniversary of the Camacho Liberty.  This year they have chosen to forgo the iconic 11/18 perfecto size in favor of a 6 x 54 'Super Toro'.  The blend is Medium-Full, and the company says it is the most Nicaraguan tobacco ever used in a Camacho.

The Blend:
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Honduran Corojo
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

Appearance and Construction (15 POINTS)
I don't really pull presentation into the equation, but its worth taking note.  The box of cigars itself is gorgeous.  Inside the cigars are laid out in 20 individual cedar coffins, and in each coffin the cigars are tissue wrapped.  Also within each coffin is a neat little lapel pin, so i guess that counts for something.  The actual cigar looks and feels great. Hazelnut brown wrapper with a nice sheen to it.  Aesthetically, there is nothing not to like here. 15/15

Flavor (25 POINTS)
Rich and velvety even on the cold draw.  The flavors are mellow and nuanced without becoming boring like some other cigars at higher price points can become. Hay, caramel, wood, and a nice balanced underlying spice.  No detectable bitterness or anything otherwise unpleasant.  23/25

Smoking Characteristics (25 POINTS)
This is where this cigar is at its finest.  Razor sharp burn, excellent smoke production, cool smoke and just an all around enjoyable smoke.  No maintenance or touchups required on this cigar.  The smoking experience is flawless and luxurious. 25/25

Overall Impression (35 POINTS)
I've got nothing bad to say about this cigar at all.  Overall it's another great addition to the annual Liberty Release, and my favorite thus far. Truly one of my favorite new cigars I've smoked this year.  33/35

Final Score: 97 (Phenomenal Cigar)

Final Thoughts:
This cigar is great, even considering the $20 price point. Compared to other cigars in the $18+ price point this cigar stands up.  My previous favorite limited release in this range was the Caldwell Last Tsar and the 2017 Liberty may have just taken the title.  I'll be sure to enjoy a few more of these while they are still around, and I would urge any smoker to get out there and give one of these a go.